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Pad Print USA

12675 Danielson Court, Ste. 402

Poway, CA, 92064

Phone: 858-748-3467



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Specialty Marketing Services


Restaurant and Bar Items

Print your restaurant or bar logo on a variety of specialty items, including pint glasses, mugs, cocktail mixers and more!  Stand out and make a statement with supplies that you can not only use in house, but can also sell to help build your brand.


Sports Equipment

Is sports your thing?  We've printed logos on everything from surfboard fins to golf balls.  Whether you own your own sporting line, or are looking for that custom gift for the sports enthusiast in your life, Pad Printing USA is the way to go.


Electronic Components

From computer chips, to aerospace pieces, to sound boards, Pad Print USA has printed on a wide variety of electronic components in all shapes and sizes.  Our specialty inks help to insure that your imaging remains intact, regardless of potential heat generation or usage.



Need to remind people that power tools are dangerous?  Pad Print USA can print anything from safety warnings to company logos on a wide range of tools, regardless of how intricate the design.



Are you an auto manufacturer?  Pad Print USA has worked with companies like Ferrari and have printed on everything from gear shifts to engine covers.  For a vehicle that demands style and grace, nothing says quality like professionally printed parts.


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