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Pad Print USA

12675 Danielson Court, Ste. 402

Poway, CA, 92064

Phone: 858-748-3467



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Laser Marking Services

Pad Print USA provides professional, competitively priced computer laser marking services. We offer customers a strong commitment to quality, speed and flexibility. Our vast years of experience allow us to offer a more well-rounded, excellence-oriented approach to every project. Our versatility and innovation provide customers with many different solutions to fulfill their requirements. The potential uses of laser marking are vast; electronics, aerospace components, specialty marketing, medical equipment and devices and more!


High precision laser marking and laser engravings are achievable on almost any type of material including stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, wood, rubber, as well as a variety of medical-grade alloys and plastics. The process includes no toxic solvents, inks or acids.


Non-contact laser printing is known for durability, high-temperature resistance, micro coded laser marks that resist high and extreme heats applied to various materials. Which means those tiny etched words or logos won’t degrade with time or cleaning!


Whether you are looking to reach into new markets, trying to maintain existing business or would like to add a competitive advantage, selecting the right laser marking equipment with the best capabilities is critical. Laser marking can give you the advantage you need to compete in today’s high value markets!


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