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Pad Print USA

12675 Danielson Court, Ste. 402

Poway, CA, 92064

Phone: 858-748-3467



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Medical Devices Services

Pad Print USA has mastered medical device pad printing technology and dominates the marketplace with regard to innovation, problem solving and reliability.  Our proprietary medical device pad printing equipment has been specially customized to provide the ultimate in quality, consistency and efficiency.  Innovative medical device pad printing techniques developed over many years of partnering with major medical device manufacturers have enabled Pad Print USA to offer the highest quality, permanent medical printing services available to the medical device community.


At Pad Print USA, expect quality operational follow-through and the superior customer satisfaction that the medical device pad printing industry demands.  Leading Medical Device OEMs come to Pad Print USA for precision medical plastic printing services on catheters, tubing and other components requiring high quality printing with precise tolerances.


Pad Print USA has developed unique methods to enhance the precision of medical plastic printing on catheters, tubing and other medical devices to a superior level of detail.  Pad Print USA has experienced medical plastic printing specialists operating highly customized machinery to ensure perfect markings on catheters, tubing and other medical devices with consistent repeatability.


All medical marking is done in a controlled environment.  We invest the time for test print runs, which will catch potential problems and iron out the details prior to the final full production run.  We specialize in providing complex, permanent markings to meet the exacting standards of the medical OEM.


In addition to techniques resulting in precision medical plastic printing, Pad Print USA's ink adhesion methodology, developed exclusively for medical grade inks, results in the ultimate bonding on virtually any medical plastic substrate used in the production of catheters, tubing and other medical devices.

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